Setting Aside Judgements of Guilt in Gilbert

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A criminal conviction typically carries a number of legal punishments,
but many of the consequences aren’t revealed in sentencing. A past
conviction can make it difficult to get a job, pursue higher education,
and even find a place to live. Depending on your unique situation, however,
you may be able to clear your name through a motion to set aside conviction
and judgement of guilt.

At McPhie Law, our highly experienced Gilbert criminal defense attorneys
can help you build a strong case for a set aside judgement. Our tough,
trial-tested team includes a former senior prosecutor, giving us a unique
understanding of the criminal justice system. When you retain our firm,
you can trust that you are choosing a lawyer who will work tirelessly
to restore your good name.

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Who Is Eligible For Setting Aside a Judgement?

Many people refer to a set aside as an “expungement,” but they
aren’t exactly the same thing. Although they will not completely
clear the conviction from your record, set asides are easier to obtain
in Arizona than many other states. However, you will not qualify for a
set aside if you have been convicted of:

  • A dangerous offense
  • A crime which resulted in sex offender registration
  • Any sexually-motivated crime
  • Offenses which victimize minors under 15
  • Certain
    driving violations, including driving with a suspended license

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It’s In The Past – Why Pursue a Set Aside?

Unfortunately, criminal convictions impact your life long after the sentence
has been served. Many people feel relief after completing their sentence,
only to struggle for years to come. There are many reasons to seek a set
aside of conviction and judgement of guilt, including:

  • Dispelling the notion that you are a “criminal”
  • Making it easier to find employment
  • Making it easier to find housing
  • Restoring many of your rights

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While we can’t go back in time to fix our mistakes, there is recourse
to help you regain control over your future. At McPhie Law, our Gilbert
criminal defense lawyers are truly dedicated to the rights and interests
of our clients. We understand the devastating impact a criminal conviction
can have on your life, which is why we will work so hard on your behalf
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