DUI With Drugs in Gilbert

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If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs,
you need to take quick action to protect your future. In Arizona, the
prosecution doesn’t need to prove that drugs impaired your ability
to drive – they only need to prove that drugs were in your system
while you were driving.

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Have a Prescription? You Can Still Be Charged.

There are actually two statues in Arizona that deal with driving under
the influence of drugs:

  • First, you may be arrested if a police officer believes you are impaired
    from virtually any substance – this not only includes alcohol and
    illegal drugs, but also prescription medication.
  • However, you don’t actually need to be impaired to be charged with
    a drugged-driving offense. Arizona state law also makes it illegal to
    drive with virtually any drug metabolites in your system, unless you have
    a valid prescription. Metabolites are essentially what’s left over
    when your liver breaks down a substance – for some drugs like marijuana,
    the metabolites can stay in your system for weeks after use.

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Although the DUI laws in Arizona are extremely harsh, you are not out of
options if you’ve been charged. Even if the case against you is
strong, a skilled Phoenix Arizona DUI attorney may be able to help you obtain
a reduced sentence – in some cases, they may be able to get the
charges dropped entirely.

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