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If you are accused of criminal assault, you’re probably worried about your freedom and your future. Assault convictions can bring serious consequences, including jail time, fines, and a criminal record, which may make it difficult to secure future employment and/or housing.

If you are accused of criminal assault, contact a lawyer immediately to discuss your options. Enlisting the services of an experienced attorney can help protect your freedom and give you peace of mind.

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Our Results

At McPhie Law, our attorneys focus on providing quality criminal defense representation to all of our clients. We provide compassionate advice and diligent service throughout the legal process, whether that involves settling accusations outside of court or litigating your case at trial. In many cases, we have successfully kept criminal assault charges off of our clients’ criminal records. We have found solutions and achieved settlements that have kept our clients out of jail, allowing them to continue on with their lives. We know how important your freedom is to you, and how worrying criminal accusations can be; we’re willing to fight to protect your rights.

What Is Criminal Assault?

Criminal assault involves unwanted physical contact from another person, usually in an effort to cause harm. However, a mere threat of violence against another person can also constitute criminal assault, even if that violence never actually occurs. Generally, if a threat creates an imminent assumption that bodily harm is going to occur, the threat qualifies as assault.

Prosecutors can charge defendants with assault regardless of whether they possessed a weapon, and assault charges may also involve sex crimes. Local prosecutors file criminal assault charges, rather than victims of the assault; however, civil claims may accompany some criminal assault charges, in which the victim is likely seeking monetary recovery for any injuries sustained as a result of the assault.

What Are the Consequences of Criminal Assault?

Significant jail time and/or hefty fines can accompany a criminal assault conviction. Once out of jail, the conviction may remain on your criminal record indefinitely, which can cause substantial difficulty in the future. Many individuals convicted of criminal assault struggle to secure employment and housing following their convictions, and some face other problems, including losing custody of their children. These possibilities are why you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you are facing assault charges. Hiring an experienced attorney can help protect your rights and secure your freedom.

How Your Lawyer Can Defend You Against Criminal Assault Charges

In some cases—depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident—a prosecutor may reduce or drop criminal assault charges entirely, allowing defendants to move on with their lives and retain their freedom. Whether this occurs depends on many factors, including:

  • Proper evidence wasn’t collected, or procedures at the scene weren’t handled properly. Legally, individuals collecting evidence must follow strict procedures to use that evidence against a defendant in court. For example, police and investigators must handle evidence appropriately at all stages of an investigation to introduce it at trial. Police and prosecutors must deal with witnesses in specific ways to maintain the validity of their testimony. If they don’t follow proper procedures, the court may throw out the evidence and/or testimony, and the prosecutor may have difficulty proving assault.
  • You may face unfair accusations of criminal assault. Consider the circumstances surrounding an alleged assault. It is not assault, for example, when an alleged victim consented to the actions that took place. You may also face false assault accusations from a disgruntled friend or family member.
  • Reasonable doubt may exist that you committed the assault. In a criminal assault case, the prosecutor must establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime or the jury cannot convict the defendant. This standard varies from that of a civil case, in which the prosecutor need only prove guilt by a preponderance of the evidence. The burden of proof is significantly higher in criminal cases than in civil ones, which means criminal defendants need only prove that a reasonable doubt exists regarding whether they committed the alleged crime.

Working with an experienced lawyer is the most effective way to ensure that you approach your case with the appropriate legal strategy. Your defense will vary based on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, and working with a lawyer as early as possible is the most effective ways to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome.

How Much Will a Lawyer Cost Me?

If you are accused of criminal assault, you likely feel discouraged about the potential condemnation from friends and family members who know about the case. Furthermore, you may worry that the criminal case and any potential conviction will permanently disrupt your quality of life.

Hiring an experienced criminal assault defense attorney is the most effective way to protect your rights, ensure that the court doesn’t unfairly convict you, and avoid overly harsh penalties.

Hiring an attorney, and worrying about how much that will cost, should not add to your stress. When you contact McPhie Law, we will schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case. At that point, we can more effectively determine the estimated cost of your defense, and whether you will have to face trial or may enter into a plea agreement.

The cost of an experienced attorney, however, is certainly less than the cost of a conviction.

Don’t Wait to Hire Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’re accused of criminal assault, don’t wait to contact an attorney! Get the help you need as soon as possible to prevent facing more serious criminal consequences, from prison time to a criminal record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you or a loved one is facing criminal assault charges, call us today at (480) 400-5555, or contact us online, to schedule a free consultation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working on your defense.