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Fighting For Justice Throughout The East Valley

Although crime rates have decreased in our city over the last few decades,
Phoenix still ranks as one of the top U.S. cities for violent crimes and
property crimes. Police, prosecutors, and judges all have a huge amount
of cases to deal with, which makes it even more critical to retain a tough,
trial-tested Phoenix criminal defense lawyer.

Attorney Ryan McPhie is a former prosecutor himself, and has an in-depth
understanding of the way the state will build their case against you.
He has also practiced in every court in the East Valley, allowing him
to skillfully navigate the unique procedures of each court on your behalf.

If you’re facing criminal charges, the time to act is now. Protect
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Tough Defense For You & Your Future

There’s an unfortunate truth when it comes to our criminal justice
system – many people are falsely or improperly charged with a crime.
Even those who did commit a crime are often victimized by overaggressive
prosecutors and trumped-up charges.

We believe that everyone has a right to a fair trial, regardless of what
circumstances led to your arrest. Our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys
are proud to fight for those accused of many crimes, including:

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can fight for you.

There’s No Time To Wait

If you’ve been arrested, charged, or even suspect that there may
be a possibility of criminal charges being filed against you, call us
now. By hiring a Phoenix criminal defense attorney as soon as possible,
you give them more time to build a rock-solid defense strategy designed
with your best interests in mind.

Whether you’re hoping for a plea deal, or want to fight the charges
against you, you can be confident that our team has what it takes to win.
With more than 10 years of experience and an extensive list of satisfied
clients, we’ve proven our ability to fight for the rights of Phoenix
residents and their families.

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