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Being arrested and charged with a crime is a frightening experience, no
matter who you are. The criminal process is often intimidating, complex,
and incredibly stressful as you fight to regain control over your life
and future.

However, you aren’t out of options. When you retain our skilled Chandler
criminal defense lawyer at McPhie Law, you’re choosing a tough,
trial-tested attorney with experience as a former prosecutor. We believe
that everyone deserves to have their voice heard in court, and we’re
prepared to fight aggressively to defend your rights.

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Extensive Experience in Maricopa County

When choosing your Chandler criminal defense lawyer, you want someone who
has an in-depth knowledge of the process – from knowing the major
statutes, to understanding how certain judges prefer to run their courtrooms.

As a former Deputy District Attorney, Ryan McPhie has experience in every
court in Maricopa County. His unique insight into the way the prosecution
works allows him to build a strong, effective legal strategy on your behalf.
With more than 1,000 cases handled, Attorney McPhie is the seasoned advocate
you want on your side.

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been charged with:

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Don’t Wait To Secure Tough, Trial-Tested Representation

While it’s important to choose a Chandler criminal defense attorney
you’re comfortable with, it’s also important to retain such
an attorney as soon as possible. By contacting our firm early in the process,
we can work to shape the case in you favor from the very beginning. We
will have more time to gather evidence, review the evidence the prosecution
plans to use against you, and can ultimately build you a stronger case.

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