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Thank you for considering McPhie Law, P.C. We are proud to serve Gilbert and the surrounding communities with exceptional legal support and advocacy. We focus on establishing trusting relationships with each client and treat each one with the compassion, respect, and honesty they deserve.

We realize that when an individual is facing serious criminal charges or filing a personal injury claim, there can be uneasy feelings and plenty of confusion. This is why our team has provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you have a question that is not answered about your case or our firm, feel free to contact us at (480) 568-2778 today.

I've been arrested for a simple charge. Do I still need legal counsel?
Regardless of the severity, every charge should be treated as a serious matter. Even the simplest of charges can have a negative impact on your life. From driver's license suspension to lost opportunities, even petty crimes can alter your everyday life. It is important to retain a lawyer, if only to keep you informed of your rights and options throughout the process.

What are the penalties if I am convicted?
This is a difficult question to answer without understanding the full details of your case. Penalties often depend on the severity and type of charge. The more serious the crime, the more detrimental the penalties. A conviction can result in time in jail or prison, loss of driver's or professional license, probation, fines, and more.

If I am under investigation, should I speak with law enforcement?
You have to be careful and protect your rights when dealing with law enforcement officers. Remember your rights: You have the right to remain silent. This is crucial as you may incriminate yourself by simply answering a question. If you are under investigation or stopped by law enforcement, politely request to have an attorney present before answering any questions.

I sustained an injury in an accident. What do I do now?
As serious advocates for injury victims, we firmly believe that you deserve to seek compensation. If you were injured as a result of a negligent party, call our firm as soon as possible. The sooner you seek legal action, the quicker you can file a claim against the responsible party's insurance provider.

What are common causes for personal injury claims?
We often represent victims of auto accidents, dog bites, premises liability accidents, and more.

Why should I choose McPhie Law, P.C.?
Our firm is led by a former senior prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases. This knowledge of both sides of the courtroom has proved to be invaluable time and time again. When it comes to defending your rights in negotiations or in trial, experience matters. Our personal injury representation is based on compassion and care, seeking to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. This is what sets our firm apart from the rest.

Do you offer free consultations?
Yes! Call us any time for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and what we can do to help.

How much do you charge?
Contact our firm to learn more about what we charge for each case. We work with each client specifically to offer payment plans if he or she is having difficulty paying for attorney fees.

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