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Have you been charged with domestic violence? Even if the claim of abuse is false, because authorities take these charges very seriously, you will most likely be arrested. It is vital to retain the legal help of a Gilbert criminal defense attorney. All it takes is for someone to make a single claim or report of domestic violence in order for an investigation to be launched.

Domestic violence is defined as any threat or act of harm, violence, or abuse between:

  • Spouses
  • Family members
  • Roommates
  • People involved in a relationship

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If you are convicted of a domestic violence charge, you will be punished with fines, mandatory counseling, community service, jail time, a permanent criminal record, and more. Our legal team is experienced in successfully handling domestic violence cases. As a client, you can expect open communication with all members of our staff and a well-prepared and passionate defense case whether you reach trial or not. We are not afraid to take your case to trial and advocate for your rights before a judge. We will work for the most favorable result possible and will treat you and your loved ones with the utmost respect.

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If you have been charged with domestic violence, reach out to McPhie Law, P.C. Just as the state of Arizona takes domestic violence cases seriously, we too take each case seriously and will work tirelessly to meet your needs and achieve a positive outcome. We are led by a former senior prosecutor who understands how these cases work and how the prosecution may handle the charge. This knowledge and experience can prove to be a difference-maker in your defense.

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